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Leather Clothing Online

Leather is made using the skin of an animal. Just as our skin is very durable, fine leather clothing is built to last as well.

Leather Clothing Online

Leather is made using the skin of an animal. Just as our skin is very durable, fine leather clothing is built to last as well.

About Us


We produce and give people's calfskin outfits. We propose broad variety of design items like men's cowhide shirts, overcoats, kilts and latest; calfskin jumpsuits. Ladies' calfskin pants, planes, skirts, jumpsuits, hot dresses and cowhide coats at young men at reasonable costs. We offer trendy specially custom fitted calfskin outfits. Each attire requested here is planned and carefully assembled by our accomplished beauticians and experienced tailors. Oblige clients on an all inclusive dimension and propose an easy to use webpage interface for simple and safe web based shopping knowledge is our point. Our consistent interest is causing a restrictive and in vogue line of calfskin outfits for men, ladies and children.


At Leather Exotica, quality is the fundamental worry. We pick the best quality lambskin, cowhide and calfskin for making every one of our outfits. To give style and strength, cowhide outfits are fixed with polyester, fleece or silk. Keeping close by one another with the most recent patterns and styles, we offer calfskin furnishes in a scope of hues, surfaces and lovely plans.

Complete estimations are taken for every single request. Our creators at that point hand-structure a paper example to imitate the correct shape and style. Each planned paper design goes from first to last a grouping of progress and changes in accordance with achieve the best fit and in the wake of gathering the outfits the subtleties of estimating is then put away lastingly in our database for future requests. For the accommodation of clients, we have a size graph manage for each outfit.

Each cowhide disguise is precisely hand-cut and cut at our workshop with orderly concentration towards the solace, fit and shape. The textures linings are conscientiously coordinated with each cowhide cover exhibiting unsullied emphasis. With this strategy, we viably coordinate the suitable size and shape as determined by the clients.


Lately cowhide has been one of the bleeding edges into the style on the runway just as the genuine way. Cowhide comments another begin to the time of design this season. May it be a calfskin skirts, cowhide pants, calfskin coats or calfskin frill it gives an exemplary yet in vogue look. You will love the closets in cowhide all year. You got in excess of 50 shades in cowhide which makes you look alluring and you have a few completes in calfskin, for example, matte completion, gleaming completion, differentiate hues, square hues and some more.

Regardless of whether it is an office or a gathering calfskin design is dependably the best, you got a lot of choices. Shopping calfskin clothing, search for the colorful and sizzling style. Get all calfskin outfits, adornments and a lot increasingly on the web.


Cowhide Exotica is an online design entrance that fabricates and supplies an expansive scope of value calfskin array for men, ladies, and youngsters. Calfskin Exotica offers an apparel line that is in a state of harmony with the most recent and mainstream patterns of the design world.

It is our consistent endeavor that to give clients a la mode, in vogue and top quality cowhide outfits at sensible expense. We value that prevalence and fit is of extraordinary hugeness. Therefore, each calfskin material is cautiously handpicked and each thing of apparel is specially crafted to meet the determinations with the end goal for you to have the ideal fit.

Don't hesitate to peruse right through our site and see the most recent and prevalent accumulations of cowhide outfits like calfskin coats, coats, pants, dresses, skirts, vests, shorts and substantially more at moderate expense. You will found that our site is increasingly satisfied

than different sites.

Cowhide Exotica values client experience, not sweet and undependable void words. We point on conveying a healthy recognition to every one of our esteemed clients in type of value items and administration.


Calfskin is a texture utilized only for various purposes. The most essential highlights of veritable cowhide are its strength, durability, long lastingness. Calfskin is accessible in numerous surfaces and types. Every ha its own trademark and employments. Here are some exceptional kinds which we utilized for the assembling of the cowhide items.

Full Grain Leather: This is likewise called as the Top Grain Leather. It is the unadulterated and real cowhide. The outfits produced using these are over the top expensive. The items produced using this cowhide are increasingly agreeable when contrasted with others. This can be lambskin or dairy animals shroud cowhide. We incline toward lambskin calfskin.

Softened cowhide: Suede Leather can be a lambskin or Nubuck calfskin. Calfskin is shoddy when contrasted with full grain cowhide. It's not the unadulterated type of calfskin. This sort of calfskin gives the structure of the velvet texture. Softened cowhide gives an amazing look anyway the calfskin gets harmed effectively when reached with water.

Leather Clothing Online

Leather is made using the skin of an animal. Just as our skin is very durable, fine leather clothing is built to last as well.

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